Award Recommendations

Writing Award Recommendations


Submitting award recommendations

Caid award submission form The online form for Caid Kingdom award recommendations. (If you submit someone from the Barony, please CC the Baron and Baroness)

To recommend someone for a Starkhafn Baronial award
Use our convenient online  Starkhafn Award Recommendation Form.
Or e-mail the Baron and
 Baroness and/or the Seneschal.


Writing award recommendations

Writing Award Letters by Rhieinwen Cyfarwydd ferch Angharad (Dayle A. Dermatis).
This is an very helpful resource for award recommendation writing, complete with sample letters.

How to write an Award Recommendation by Anarra Karlsdottir With an addendum by Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon.
This is a very good quick view of the process.