Arts & Sciences Tourney

Rules for the Bi-Monthly Starkhafn Arts & Sciences Tourney

Every other month at the Monthly Tournament, an Arts & Sciences Champion will be selected by popular choice.

Entry forms will be provided at the tournament.

Rules for End of the Month Arts & Sciences Tournament:

  1. It must be made by you, solely.
  2. Art needs to made within the last six months of contest (e.g. not from years ago).
  3. Documentation is a plus but NOT required.
  4. Entry must be labeled. (Name of the entrant, brief description (what it is, time period & location in which it would have existed & materials used) and when the item was completed).
  5. Art needs to fit the parameters of the SCA range (500-1599, Sorry no 17th+ Century items).
  6. We are embracing the “C” of SCA; creativity is a plus!
  7. Each person may enter up to 3 items; they can be different art forms or the same (as a set).
  8. Entrants will receive one extra life in their chosen combat form for entering 1-3 items.

Click here for a PDF version of the Rules for End of the Month Arts & Sciences Tournament.